Autumn Planting & Upkeep: Roses


Lay thick layer of mulch

When planting or protecting your rose bushes in the winter, it is a good idea to lay a thick layer of mulch around the plant to give the roots protection from the winter weather. We stock both decorative bark and composted fine bark, suitable for any garden aesthetic. 


Protect climbing roses with fabric

Protecting climbing roses is just as easy! Using garden fleece, wrap the climbing rose and secure to prevent the wind blowing the fleece loose, this will protect the plant from frosts and cold weather. Although it could be damaging to cover and remove the fleece frequently as it is crucial the roses get accustomed to the weather. We stock multi-purpose gardening fleece in our shop, perfect for this usage.


Water lightly during dryer spells

It is not necessary to completely soak the roots but ensure that the rose is water on dryer, warmer and/or windier days.



Use fertiliser

Stopping the use of fertiliser ensures that the rose bush gradually becomes accustomed to the cooler weather.


Prune (until after the hard frosts begin)

Once the roses have gone dormant later in winter, after the first hard frosts hit, you can prune rose bushes back to avoid damage to the stems in windy weather.

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