Spring Has Sprung!

The daffodils and tulips are poking their heads up and that tells us that the end of winter is finally in sight. We’ve been lucky in our little corner of Herefordshire with hardly a flake of snow and not too many freezing nights.

So now it’s time to prepare your garden ready for the start of the new season. March is a busy month. With the longer daylight hours and warmer days, we notice green shoots all over the garden (and those pesky slugs and snails). This is my favourite time of year.

We’ve had a hectic week with 3 deliveries of compost (sorry to anyone who got held up in the traffic; we try to be as quick as possible). We also took delivery of some beautiful heather, shrubs and aubrietia.

I learnt something new this week, bees love heather especially the vulgaris genus, so let’s get lots planted and help save our bees.

The shop is bustling now with everyone buying their vegetable seeds and composts. In the greenhouse the first seedlings have been transplanted and our cabbage and cauliflower plants will soon be ready to sell. The geraniums have been potted and it’s time to put some more broad bean seed in.

Busy, busy, busy!

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